23 September 2009

Yet another Tuesday...

...goes towards an end.

...aaaaand it is still the same old story. Yet another week has passed by and we are still waiting for some kind of reaction that is not (yet) coming: We waited from mid February to end of May, without getting what we asked for - so we moved on. We still haven't had any feedback with respect to that. Now we are once again sitting here, waiting for things to arrive. It has been yet another THREE weeks now, we still see nothing moving and we can no longer even get a short reply upon an email with some simple questions.
How hard can it really be to just click upon reply and at least send a short "I've got it, sorry but I am busy at the moment. I will get back to you as soon as I have some time for it"?
We have been waiting patiently, more or less, for years now. Question is really if we are soon stepping over the invisible line between what's still acceptable or not...? It's close, damn close. Hmm?

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