28 September 2008

windy, so windy

Today is crazy, so windy. Yesterday was nice, rhubarb vodka is too. I am getting hungry. Just like that.

27 September 2008


surströmming Tonight it's time for our yearly "surströmmingsskiva", the people from Härnösand should be arriving in couple of hours and then some hours after that it kicks off. Outdoors, of course. As every year. How else would you survive the smell of it???

Storm warnings have been given for this region for this afternoon/tonight too, not that windy yet though and no snow in sight. Was worse some years ago when it was snowing when we had this "surströmmingsskiva".

Wonder what the ones of us who do not eat animals get this year? Always a bit interesting.

25 September 2008

I passed...

...the crazy exam!

24 September 2008


I do not know what it is about guys born in 1982 and death.
I do know that yet another one of them is dead.

Cancer, overdoses, hangings, car accidents, fires - you name it. Seems to kill the ones we care about - even the young ones.

"Öppna ett fönster, ställ det på glänt."


23 September 2008

I do NOT appreciate...

  • spam;
  • chain letters;
  • chain emails;
  • chain sms messages;
  • 18 sms messages from the same person in 12 minutes!

Hint hint hint...

22 September 2008





21 September 2008

got a new...

...cactus! Just love it.

closeup of cactus

From Archive: "how to..."

...fly to Schiphol, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Take a train towards Leiden. Forget to get off the train there, reach Den Haag before realising it. Take the next train back to Leiden. Get off the train there (and not continue to Amsterdam by mistake) and manage to get on a bus to Noordwijk aan Zee.

Parallel Boulevard, Noordwijk

Find the Mitchbi and get a room there. Drink too much Kwak. Forget your red pills back in Sweden. Visit the ESTEC medical center. Run around Katwijk looking for a pharmacy you know is somewhere there. Borrow money from your friend in order to pay for stuff. Share a small bed with the same friend. Go from being asleep to being on the bus in 5 minutes. Lose a jacket. Almost miss the bus when going to the airport. Get stuck on an airport in Copenhagen (!?!) on a travel from Amsterdam to Stockholm, 4 hours due to a snow storm...

All this in a bit less than 4 intense days. You can make this happen if you are like Axel were.

Miss you dear

20 September 2008

From Archive: "...lose someone at the Flying Pig"

One of these stories I once archived.
From my old very "closed" blog, that is.

This story is also from when me and my Greek sis (Irini) met for the first time.
One December in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

*** *** ***

Can you lose someone at the Flying Pig, Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands?

In fact, you can. Trust me. If you haven't been there, at this particular the Flying Pig (also known as the Crazy Big to some of us) then just let us say that the place is really really small...

But - put in something like 70++ people in that small place and give it a try. Suddenly it is all possible! Also do throw in a Friday party with vodka shots (in plastic cups, not shot glasses), loads of beer & a bottle of Martini. Add a week almost without sleep and there you go.

I had the front door key. Irini had the room key. The other full set of keys were long gone. This with "one room, two sets of keys, three people" is back again!
End of the night, bar closes. People still around, drinking whatever they managed to order before the bar closed. We suddenly decide that it's time to go home, flights are leaving early next morning. I leave for getting my jacket. Irini talks with some people. Then we didn't really manage to find each others again. Ended up with us leaving separately.
Irini without key to the house, she did find some others that could let her in though.
I left with some other people, were still talking to them, being halfway to the hotel, when Irini managed to get hold of me on the phone...

Our situation with the keys made this entire trip to the NL even more interesting. A lot of doors are (surprise!) locked in the middle of the night and people are (surprise!) sleeping...


By some reason, after some more of these evenings, I always get a key of my own when I stay at the Mitchbi.

Mark: sorry for all the nights we had to no other choice than to wake you up in the middle of the night (at 2:30 or so) in order to get back into the hotel...

From Archive: "when me and my Greek sis met..."

One of these stories I once archived.
From my old very "closed" blog, that is.

This story is from when me and my Greek sis (Irini) met for the first time.
One December in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

*** *** ***

Irini: "So when does your flight land? Perhaps we can meet at the airport and go to Noordwijk together?"
Me: "Half past twelve or so."
Irini: "Your time or Dutch time?"
Me: "Dutch time is my time too."
Irini: "Really? Okok, then I'll wait for you guys!"

In fact this conversation took place couple of days before we went there, we did meet at the airport (the Greek and the three Swedish). Managed to get ourselves to Noordwijk aan Zee and the Mitchbi, our home for the week. Found out that Irene and I were to share room during the week. Room number 1 at Nora's. One room. Two sets of keys. Three people. Can you see the problems coming...?
Sunday. Irini and I took the beds next to each others, they were like 10-15 cm apart...On the bathroom list for the next morning were: me, Irini and then Annelie (our roomie).

"Rrrrring" - Monday morning. Irini's phone goes off. She turns it off and then gently hits me couple of times on the arm, saying something like "Weren't you supposed to get up before me? What happened with your alarm?"

So I pick up my phone, puts it back down again and mumbles something like "It's one more hour until we have to get up, let's get back to sleep again!". Irene replied something in line with "Shit, I forgot to change the time on my cellphone! It's still having Greek time!!!"

Time zones...what else can we say? Lovely thing, especially when you kind of forget that you are living in different ones.

From Archive: "I think I will take a dead sheep, ..."

One of these stories I once archived.
From my old very "closed" blog, that is.

This "story" has its origin from back when me and my "Greek sis" (Irini) first met over in Noordwijk one lovely December some years ago.

(Irini: remember Ola? The Swedish guy who were also there at this moment. I randomly ran into him today. At IKEA of all places...)

*** *** ***

"Jag tror jag ska ta ett dött får i en barnvagn och gå längs stranden!"

freely translated into

"I think I will take a dead sheep, put it in a perambulator and then walk along the beach with it!"

So what does this really come from...? Well, see below.

It happened one evening that we went for Kwak & spare ribs (or Kwak & mushroom omelet if you don't eat dead animals) at De Wels, i.e. we had what's now formally known as a "Kwak evening".
At this very moment it was 5 Swedes, 1 Greek & 1 Hungarian "attending"...We got our Kwaks. We got our food. We ate. We drank. We talked. We laughed. By the end of the evening, when we were to leave this place some of us were saying that we just had to go back to the hotel in order to finish some stuff for the next day (Irini: don't we all remember that good old EPS TS!?!?!). Anyway, then one of the guys turns to another and asks (of course in Swedish...) something in line with "...and you, are you joining us to the pub for some more beer or are you joining them back to the hotel being boring, working?"

...and the guy replies "Jag tror jag ska ta ett dött får i en barnvagn och gå längs stranden!" and all of us 5 Swedes started laughing as if we were crazy. We just couldn't stop either...Next to us the Greek and the Hungarian were just staring at us as if we were all mad! Once we eventually managed to stop laughing, we were to explain to them what it was we had been laughing at. Right, good luck! Unfortunately, even if you translate it then you can not turn back time and get the same "moment of opportunity" back - hence it didn't really sound that fun anymore...

Crazy times, crazy times...

19 September 2008

colourful leaves

Autumn is coming,
summer is leaving.
Sparkling colours to be found

autumn leaf
autumn leaves - garden

14 September 2008

time is...running

Sunday again, shit. Time must be running since it feels like it was Sunday just yesterday :s

So what's new? Not that much, I think. We sold a car today. My father is at the hospital since some days (nothing too serious though), looks like he's staying there for some more days too (observations or so). I took a bunch of pictures yesterday. Autumn is kind of here, leaves start being yellow/orange & mushrooms are found everywhere.

untitled 20080913

Apples & plums need to be taken care of soon, they start falling off the trees. Apple wine is on its way. Evenings are dark - early! Temperature drops rapidly - 6 degrees (of separation? Perhaps not.) now, was 12 or so earlier today! *brr*

*restless as every year by the end of summer*

10 September 2008

internationella självmordsdagen - huh?

"Den 10 september är den internationella självmordsdagen."

Där ser man. Vad ska man säga om det uttalandet egentligen?

ljus på bricka

09 September 2008

visit in Luleå 2008

So I made it, I am back in Sundsvall. After two weeks of absence, this city is no longer that bad...Luleå wasn't that bad either.

*big thank you to the ppl who survived having me as a guest these days*

ltu campus - regnbågsallén A well known sight, Regnbågsallén at LTU, don't know how many times we have walked along this one. Several times each day for years...In rain, in sunshine, in snowstorms. Dressed in funny clothes, dressed in fancy clothes, dressed in warm clothes, barely dressed at all...Crazy moments in a student's life...

Babsan in the kitchenOf course, Babsan. Who could forget her? This lovely cute little animal. Miska's "love". So charming. She apparently loves bags too, to climb into them and so on. If the bag is not open so that she can get into it - then she eats her way into them. I haven't really thought that much about having rats/mice as pets before. Perhaps since I love snakes and have had some of those as pets. Snakes eats rats/mice so...hmm.

resistors with LEDIsn't this a lovely sight? A lot of resistors and a red LED. Took this picture over at the xp-el room in the A building. I did end up with spending some time at this place too, how strange. Can not see why...perhaps it's like Irini and I said the other day when we were talking "when you have been studying electronics for some time then you feel attracted to these things :P ". Perhaps...

frej - another sign againSpent an afternoon in the city. Made a visit to one of the four icebreakers that currently resides in Luleå. Really cool thing this heavy large boat. With the help of these, other boats/ships can get through even in winter when the ice is thick. We got to see quite a lot of it (bridge, engine rooms, sauna, dinner room etc) , during our more than 1 hour long tour. Coooooool.

fountain with foam, Porsön, LuleåA fountain with foam. As every year during the welcoming period. Perhaps they should learn the lesson of using yes next time. Yes creates a lot more foam and if you want to make it even more "fun" you can put in some colouring substance so that you get red or green foam (yellow, blue works too). Ehrm, may have been so that we did that some years ago too. A lot of red foam. Everywhere. Ooops. Not that fun to clean up though...

02 September 2008

still in Luleå...

is she trying to escape?Isn't she just sooooo cute? Babsan is her name and I paid her and her owner a visit yesterday. Soooo nice.

*tnx Mi*

...and well, I am still in Luleå but leaving later today/tonight. Will probably continue living in a suitcase for nearly another week though (just because I love it soooo much, right)!
I should be heading towards university now, try to get hold of that man. Then call Mi again and see if we can get another fika (is there a more perfect word for this?) before I head into the city in order to do some random stuff before leaving this city again.