13 September 2009

for him I bow

My good old father is way better than me when it comes to taking his own way through life.
Now he decided to cut the landline, he simply phoned the two (?!?!) companies in charge for providing it and said "cut it, I don't want it anymore". So he is living in the middle of nowhere, with the green forest around, he has no landline, not really any access to internet anymore either, the refuse collection only really works during summer/autumn, currently has no car (it has some problems with the fuel tank...) so he is using the tractor as car instead etc...

For all of this, I love my father since he takes his own way through life without caring that much about whatever the society think is normal or not. Still I also wonder - what's next? ;)

apple tree and house dressed in sepiafrom snowmobile tracks

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