30 April 2009

30 April, again

fire, walk with meYet another "sista april", yet another year, yet another fire, yet another thing. Blue sky, +10°, thin clouds. Not that bad for an April day.

Cold beer, a fire and who knows what's up.

"Gyllene år gå snabbt förbi,
unga, ljusa gyllene år."

16 April 2009

email message from 1970, right...something's up ;)

Mail box apparently hides a lot of old secrets.

I would call it a serious situation if I started getting more emails sent to me claiming to have been delivered before I was born, that is. Fun what an internal time reference can do.

15 April 2009


Can not ignore them anymore...

13 April 2009


I am in such need of inspiration! Äta-sova-plugga...This still-snow-on-the-ground and lack-of-real-spring is killing me soon. Grey, dull, booooring. At least we had some sun today :D