18 August 2008

black? red? who knows?

orchidaceae collection Autumn is coming fast! Just hit my mind that it's mid August now and that I am supposed to go to Luleå again in less than one week! Exam is coming soon and studying does not work out well at the moment...bah. Sigh. Before I go to Luleå then I also got to head into the city some day and pick up my bike, just need to figure out where I left it first (and hope that it hasn't been stolen since this weekend).

Was completely soaked when I got back home today - it was, and still is, really really rainy outside. I don't like this very much. I know the physics behind it but I can still barely understand how this much water just can come from some whitegreyish clouds :P

*a physicist thinking about daily stuff*

Right, I am going to change my hair colour again, soon. Not going black this time, going red instead ;)

Going to be one year really really soon :(

15 August 2008

numbers from 14 August 2008


Yesterday was quite a nice day, almost like this one:

looking up from the lawn

10 August 2008

10 August 2008


09 August 2008

would you care for a...duck?

From the annual duck race. In short, you grab a bunch of ducks, put them in a large net, then release them and watch them race...

annual duck race - being released

07 August 2008

candle for tibet



Dropped by the mountain with Annica & Gilbert today, made it just before the rain! Found this kind of cute plant in one of the gardens where they grow a bunch of vegetables and stuff in sand. Don't know if I would like to eat it though...


06 August 2008

sockervadd & popcorn?

sockervadd & popcorn

Quite awful if you ask me =>

Trenter: Dvärgarna

partial book - dvärgarna Actually my sisters book, bought at a bookshop focused on old (and sometimes rare) books, soon on its way to Germany.

A pretty typical Trenter though; Harry Friberg, Vesper Johnson, Stockholm back in the early 60's and so on.

04 August 2008

anyone up for some...rum?

You can easily get my share too, way too much of "vanilla" for me...not to mention my "relationship" with rum.


Alter Flensburger Vanille Rum

20080804 - 44:16:01

Numbers of today are

I bow for the creative ones - Axel Peemöller

I really like creative minds.
I really like creative solutions.

One exists at
Eureka Tower Carpark
Check it out here!

03 August 2008

Vikingtoys anyone?

vikingtoysI somehow feel a bit "playful" (whatever that means) at the moment.

Sky appears grey, heavy clouds outside of the house. Rain falling down. Red roses as a contrast towards the green grass. Neighbours preparing a barbecue in the rain. Dogs running around. Cup of tea on the table, brown bird sitting next to it just before taking off.


01 August 2008

lalala-la-la shadowman

Crazy as we are, we saw some old episodes of Twilight Zone last night - I hadn't seen these specific episodes in ages! Gosh, things related to how tv shows and similar are being produced have changed quite a lot the past couple of decades! Quality, methods yadayada!
Anyway, the episodes were quite entertaining even though they were not close to how they appeared the very first time I saw them!

*twilight zone tune in background* ;)

"I am the Shadowman, and I will never harm the person under whose bed I live."

So, do you have a shadowman living underneath your bed?