17 December 2008

Recent happenings

What's new? Good question. Time seems to rush away. Days. Nights. Days. Swooosh.
Among the happenings for the previous 7 days: baked some gingerbread cookies, made some "knäck", baked some other stuff, cooked a bunch of food, did a lot of cleaning up, sent a snailmail letter to NL, sold a bunch of pictures, spent some hours moving around a lot of snow, bought a book in Dutch etc.

A & G arrived today, really nice to see them again. Tomorrow will probably be devoted to some citylife, got some stuff to take care of (should write a note not to forget some stuff this time too, don't want to repeat yesterday again).


09 December 2008

efficient or not, that's the question

Yesterday I was in some high efficiency mood, somehow managed to bake caramel cookies, gingerbread cake, some regular bread and cook a lot of food in just some hours. For me, being in that state is rare. I don't enjoy cooking/baking so...Now I don't have to do it for a while, makes me somehow happy. Also, randomly, sister & G visiting in about 1 week is good. My father's appointment with the doctor + surgery is delayed until January or so, not that good but he will survive that too.

Today has been quite inefficient. Did some editing & sorted out the videos issue. Just need to finish the other pics and then they all of them are done for delivery. Would be good to deliver them before the weekend. Other than that, I've mostly added stuff to my list of things to do today. Head feels mostly like a sponge (been sneezing for hours). Think I am catching a cold/flu. Hope it's just a regular cold so that I will be fine in just some days. Did find out that I was accepted for a course I applied for taking after Christmas, now I just need to figure out if I really want to take it or not.

Guess some sleep in general would be good.


04 December 2008

to do or not to do

I don't know how this happened but all of a sudden my list of things to do is once again growing. That itself is not that bad if it wasn't for the lack of control.
I guess should need to just sit down and try to organise the mess: remove things that are no longer relevant and add the stuff that is not yet in there. Perhaps change some priorities. Can I schedule time with myself for doing this? I wonder...
(soon it's as back in Luleå when P and I scheduled having dinner since otherwise none of us would have had time to eat some days!)

Talking about which - I do have a photo job on Saturday. Most details are taken care of, what I do need to do though is to look for where I put the legal papers last time, should be able to modify them and use the same approach this time too. Feels like inventing the wheel again if I should start from the beginning with this again.


01 December 2008


Started a new photo project of mine today, keeping myself busy in general. GENSO is still down, I wonder how long we will have to have it like this? I am not happy with it. Additionally I think I promised to do a photo job on Saturday, should probably check that tiny detail sometime tomorrow.

Wonder if I ever will learn how to sleep properly? I am not sure. I keep ignoring to go to bed at what people usually would call an appropriate time. Perhaps I have some kind of shift in my natural clock? Hmm.
I believe that there are two types of people: the ones who sleep on the diagonal of their beds and the ones who don't. I am definitely part of the first group, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Depends on size of the bed and if you need to share this area with someone. Sharing it with someone who doesn't sleep on the diagonal is proven to be hard.