27 June 2008


Found this one, check the links below for more info.

"en wiki för alla som inte vill bli avlyssnade av FRA"

("a wiki for concerned citizens who have no desire of being eavesdropped by the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA)")

in Swedish FRApedia
(in English FRApedia)

26 June 2008

tea at IKEA

So I dropped by IKEA and the shopping area around it with some friends. What a hysterical place...

Haven't been there for ages and ages and since last visit they had managed to put up some new buildings, opened loads of new shops and rearranged the old ones. One thing remains though - the caravans that come during the summer!

<= This is what I had, some black tea.

This is what the others had,
things with animals on... =>

25 June 2008

Matti Kallionen - The beautiful robot

Matti Kallionen - The beautiful robot - another time The "new" harbour currently hosts a piece of art (see the picture) called "The beautiful robot" by Matti Kallionen. This is a piece of art that with its strong colours creates a "break" in the natural harbour area that without this gives quite a grey impression with stones, concrete & wood.

Charming in some way.

18 June 2008

the "FRA law"

In parallel to the (damn) football game (Sweden-Russia) of tonight the FRA law was approved by the Swedish Parliament (numbers were 143-138).

Ehrm. NO further comments.

For me, this is a damn odd city name:

15 June 2008

wild flowers...

...today is apparently "de vilda blommornas dag", perhaps best translated into "the day dedicated to wild flowers", over here.

Quite nice initiative if I may say so. I like flowers, especially wild ones (nature's perfection instead of a gardener's). Got plenty in the jungle called garden over here ;)


"Beowulf - an old English epic poem celebrating the legendary Scandinavian hero Beowulf. Generally dated to the 8th century, it was the first major poem in a European vernacular language and is the only complete Germanic epic that survives. It describes Beowulf's killing of the water monster Grendel and its mother and his death in combat with a dragon, and includes both pagan and Christian elements."

More about "Beowulf"

Charming in some way.

08 June 2008

San recommends...

...Jevgenij Zamjatin - A story about the most important thing

06 June 2008

random citylife

So I did call him. Randomly.

Should go and fetch my "snailmail".


<= "
those were the days of..."