02 October 2009

Surprisingly I got two of the books for my next course today (library books though). Wow, they can be fast if they want to. I also found out that I get to keep them for 6 days longer than I expected, niiiiiice ;) Still need to start reading them next week though. Exam on Monday morning, new course starts couple of hours later...

Also managed to fill up my bus card with some money today, a nightmare if you ask me. At least it is if you haven't registered your card. I seldom use mine (only use it to get to uni when we have our "campus weeks") so I never registered mine since
  1. you don't have to, it works perfectly well anyway;
  2. I seriously don't like the way they handle the information they get during registration;
  3. I don't like that they keep track of your travel history & link it to your profile (if you have a profile);
  4. they keep the records for longer time than they have to keep them by law (twice as long in fact...).
Additionally their signs (at ticket offices etc) say that you have to show them your ID card before you can buy a ticket and/or fill up your card (you can no longer buy tickets using cash at the bus either, that I can understand since they had a lot of robberies). However they managed to not check my ID card as I filled up my card, goooooooood! ;) But jeeeeeez, this world is going mad. Soon we won't be able to go outside of the house without that f***ing ID card. I am so tired of the fact that they soon monitor every step you take :(

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