21 March 2008

packing again

Visiting my father. Skiing. Relaxing. Meet some friends and family. Go to the Netherlands again.

Ok - so that is what I am up to for the rest of the month. 

What are YOU going to do?

17 March 2008

Paperwork is:

"really boring but sometimes necessary"

Picked up my mail yesterday, gosh so many papers. Gone through most of it now, going to finish the rest tonight, got to do some other stuff now too.

16 March 2008

We live in a...

...materialistic world and I don't think it is good for us. I know that it is not good for me, it makes me feel weird in some way. Most of all, it does not make me happy.

Have more or less been at this place for 6 months now, time passes so fast. This is the amount of time it took before I even tried to "move in". I still haven't unpacked one of my suitcases since last time I moved and I doubt that I ever will. I will most likely just throw away everything in it. Not everything is in boxes anymore around here and not everything is in a complete mess either, it is now more of an organised chaos. This place still does not feel like home either and honestly don't think it ever will.

To summarise, based upon the experience gained today:

I got too much stuff and need to get rid of some.


Life is too short. Shit happens and then you move on.

*thanks my dear*

13 March 2008

Midvinter - Tomas Tranströmer

I like it, even if it may be a bit weird...

Ett blått sken
strömmar ut från mina kläder.
Klirrande tamburiner av is.
Jag sluter ögonen.
Det finns en ljudlös spricka där döda
smugglas över gränsen."

1 done - about 7 to go

All well, just feel like a drug addict or so...now let the weeks pass by.

11 March 2008

Fooooooood - or so

For the ones who have asked...

10 March 2008

rain & future appointments at the hospital

Today has really been a dull day. Took this picture yesterday before it started raining...Rain rain and some more rain, think that is has for sure rained the entire day today. From early morning until now. Today was more like a day in September/October than one in March.

Life slowly moves on. Called the hospital (or more correctly the closest medical center, that happens to be located at the hospital) today, got a series of appointments over there now (approximately one per week for approximately 6-8 weeks). Going to be like a pincushion & feel a bit like crap again for a while, I guess. The positive is that it will, in the end, be good and not bad this time. So I will happily do this now before it gets worse :)

Going to clean up some of the mess before going to bed.

bye bye ESMO

It is always a matter of finding the appropriate moment.

Latest step of my let-me-get-rid-of-some-commitments-and-then-figure-out-what-I-really-want-to-do-with-my-life: I simply left the ESMO system engineering team the other day - meaning that I am currently not in Noordwijk, NL, attending the workshop running this week and I am not going to be around now when ESMO has officially moved from Phase A into Phase B1. Best wishes to the ones staying within the project, thank you for the good and the bad times we all shared. Take good care of the "baby". 

For me it is time to move on now.

06 March 2008


So I am back from Vienna and today is such a crappy day in general.

...more to come later on I guess.