27 November 2008

commercial, non-commercial, minimised expenses, Christmas etc

After finishing up the Cosmos stuff for now - envelope waiting to be mailed back to them now - I also happened to come across another "do you have some minutes and feel like sharing your opinion with us?" thing. This 2nd was about how I look upon "commercial use" and "non-commercial use" - it's hosted by Creative Commons (the questionnaire can be found through this page) and is part of their current study of how people understand the term "non-commercial use".

I also did some random reading of material published by people who have by some reasons lived a life focused upon minimising their expenses and energy usage during a longer time. Quite interesting to see how these people "gave up" a lot, just focused upon the essential things, consumed a lot less and how this had a more or less dominant impact of their daily life. Some of them really had to change the way they lived in order to cope with this philosophy while others didn't have to do much...We are all different, it just becomes more visible sometimes.

Talking about different people and happenings, I am strongly considering to skip Christmas this year, simply since I don't feel like "celebrating" it. Once upon a time when I was growing up I guess that Christmas had some kind of meaning for me, now I feel like it has somehow disappeared. Perhaps it is this that they start selling Christmas stuff already in September (?!?!), that they play Christmas music in October and so on - especially since Christmas do not have a religious meaning for me. I am really the black sheep of my family when it comes to religion!

Sleep is essential, thinking about skipping Christmas is not => moi is off to bed.

26 November 2008

Cosmos, the scientific study

Every now and then you get an envelope with some papers having the phrase "you have been chosen to be part of a scientific study regarding...". Sometimes interesting stuff, sometimes not.

Today I got my new VISA card (replacing the one the ATM claimed to have kept, even though I held it in my hand) and one of these envelopes. So now I am to be part of Cosmos (Swedish link), a study regarding cellphones (and other wireless devices too as it seems) and possible connections between them and different health problems such as cancer, regular headache, problems with sleeping etc.

I usually get quite annoyed by these studies. The people handling them usually send loads of papers and harass you in order to get your replies now-now-now, even if you tell them that you don't wish to be part of their study. Since you do have that option, to say "no thanks, I am not interested in participating".

But every now and then I still feel like I can give a contribution, participating in this Cosmos study is one of them. It concerns relevant technology and the effects from using it. I rather support this type of research than some other research I've been offered to contribute to by answering hundreds of questions!

Life, life...

25 November 2008

randomly - 25 November 2008

So what can I possibly come up with today?

It stopped snowing/being stormy outside, after 35 hours or so...Really nice now. It's white and no longer that horrible, a bit slippery though. When I grew up I disliked the snow and the winter in general. Perhaps since it sometimes limited my ability of being outside when I wanted too - when it's -15° & snowing heavily then you do consider to stay inside unless you have to go out. Additionally I think that the fact that my mother doesn't like snow may have somehow "spread" to both me and my sister, social heritage. Weird stuff.
Nowadays I don't mind that much. I still can not say that I love snow and that I jump up and down being happy when it arrives every year but I can cope with it and even sometimes enjoy the feeling of fresh snow between my shoes and the ground I walk upon.

Talking about snow and family. My sister and G arrives to S sometime around the 17 December, that is early, a lot earlier than what they usually do when they spend Christmas in Sweden! :)

Anyway, enough of blah blah now. I should learn to sleep sometime too I guess.

23 November 2008

yet another Sunday

Weeks are flying by. Don't know why but I got "Sunday bloody Sunday" on my mind since some hours. Weird since this Sunday has, all in all, not been that bad.

I am still remarkably restless and annoyed though, guess it will pass, eventually.

*tick-tack tick-tack*

22 November 2008

21 November 2008

Random Friday in November

Bank app is finally working again, days are getting shorter, the snow is falling, the temperature is dropping, houses still being renovated, father still in waiting line for surgery, list of things to do is still growing...

"och jag som en gång sålde själen för att vara
att vara med om just sådannahära stunder
jag ångrar ingenting
men tiden kommer när man ska betala
innan allt försvinner, försvinner"

Bo Kaspers Orkester

13 November 2008

sketching/drawing kit

Stumbled upon parts of my sketching/drawing kit (read: loads of papers, pens, pencils, graphite sticks) today! Been missing for a while, wondering why these particular ones were doing in a suitcase...Anyway, nice nice!