29 March 2009

tuuulips, gimme tulips

Back in the civilised world. Wohoo, even if my 'escape' was thelovely tulip good thing to do. It's snowing today, again. Will this winter ever end? I want an end of it now. I want some Spring, just like the one others are talking about. I even got some tulips on the table next to me, purple ones. Just since tulips remind me of old Springish days and some lovely .nl days...

Was in the greyzone between Sweden and Norway the other day, turned on the radio and found out that the only station I could get in, with a decent reception, was some random Finnish station where they played really odd Finnish music and spent 80% of the time talking. Finnish is not among the languages I understand so the evening turned out a little odd...

25 March 2009

våffeldag, det är...

...precis vad det är idag ;)

våffeldag - 25 March 2009

18 March 2009

ehrm...vote in june

If you are a citizen of an EU member state, don't forget to vote on the 7 June. You got...another 81 days to decide what/whom to vote for. If you decide not to vote, then also stop complaining about what that the representatives do.

At the time of the previous election of this type only approximately 38% of the population entitled to vote in Sweden actually voted - this is quite a low number.

One of the "excuses" people used over here for not voting last time was something in line with "I didn't know about the election until it was too late, and then I didn't have time to find some information that could help me to decide how to vote/whom to vote upon". I wonder I wonder what these people did during the months before the election, when media (radio, tv, newspapers, online newspapers etc) was giving this some attention? Did these people simply don't have any contact with the rest of the world during these months? That would be amazing, if so.
I would like to try such life too at some moment! :)

16 March 2009

"prognos till kl undefined" - wh-what?

This is just such a wonderful forecast:

Listening to Anarchy in the UK (Sex Pistols) works quite well too, then I don't need such a forecast to keep me smiling.

lite random sådär

"Vi tror gärna att antidemokratiska lagar stiftas för att skydda mediaindustrin. Men tänk om mediaindustrin bara är ett svepskäl för att kunna stifta lagarna?"

Tänk vad man kan hitta om man bara smurfar runt lite, sådär planlöst utan egentligt mål bland debattinlägg, bloggpostningar och liknande.

13 March 2009

superkvinna? super woman?

Found an article in an old newspaper. Hilarious.
If this is it, then I am for sure not a "super woman" as they nicely put it. LOL.

just a collage

12 March 2009

yet another Thursday...

Surgery supposed to happen today was moved again. Wonder when it will finally will be kicking off?

Thursday again. I should really do something about my growing list of things to do (by some reason it tends to grow on Tuesdays/Thursdays). Perhaps I can manage to remove some items from it before the weekend...and spend the weekend doing something else than digging myself through it.

"Den som lever får se."

08 March 2009

glimpse of the past

"Ik ben zo high als een papegaai...ik zie allemaal roze olifantjes..."

Reminds me of back when I was just a youngster, late one night a friend of mine (don't remember what he was on) claimed to see red smurfs. As we all know, they are blue.

07 March 2009

om trojaner, datoranvändare & sånt

I min rastlöshet så har jag läst en massa bloggar. Besök ngn "bloggportal", klicka på "nästa blogg" eller "ny slumpmässig blogg" och ni vet precis vad jag gjort de senaste två timmarna.

Jag vet inte hur många inlägg jag hittat från folk som har problem med trojaner och annat en dator kan drabbas av om du som datoranvändare inte använder den hjärna du har. Jag lovar att 90% av inläggen jag läst om det här är skrivna av människor som lägger ansvaret på någon annan! De skyller på exempelvis facebook, msn och liknande - när de i själva verket borde kolla över sin eget beteende och sina egna datorvanor!

"problemet finns oftast mellan tangentbordet och stolen"
(som vi inom datorsupportbranschen skulle säga)

Om du låter din dator ladda ner och installera vilka program som helst automatiskt, om du själv klickar på en eller varenda liten länk som ser lockande ut, om din dator inte har virusskydd, om du inte vet om du har en aktiverad brandvägg, om du inte vet hur din dator hanterar cookies etc. Om du själv helt enkelt inte tänker efter - borde du då skylla på "nätverken"?

Visst, nätverken i sig (facebook etc) borde (kanske) ha mer koll på om medlemmar bryter mot de användarvillkor som faktiskt finns. Kanske de även kan göra insatser som gör spridningen av trojaner och sådant via deras nätverk svårare. Men när det verkligen gäller så borde folk ta sitt eget ansvar och inte skylla på andra hela tiden ;)

weekend project?

Saturday again. Where do the weeks go? Time runs so fast. Craaaazy. Slightly restless now. Still looking for a weekend project, need something else than "regular work" to devote my time to.

Project of visiting my father's place during next week is off. His surgery got scheduled again, guess I will visit him at the hospital instead. Once he gets out from hospital again, then I am escaping to his place for a visit though.

But for now - weekend project. Ideas anyone?

03 March 2009

randomly captured

Discussed photography the other day, and the fact that I during some periods take a lot of random photos. The one below is just one of the recent ones, a car accident photo from Vienna.

car accident

Usually bring a camera along, does not mean that I use it though. Just means that if I want to capture something, then I can. Randomly captured photos usually "win" over arranged photos. At least over here.

"Wanting to be someone you're not, is a waste of the person you are."
Kurt Cobain

01 March 2009

snow, illness, Bo Kaspers, ...

Already March...Previous days have been more or less devoted to 

1) getting less ill;
2) removing snow from where it shouldn't be.

These two things don't go well together. I can say that the snow is no longer where it's annoying me, but my illness is still around without getting much better :(
Soooooo stupid.

"och sen så spelade dom en gammal sång
om ett par som lämnat allt bakom sig"
[Bo Kaspers Orkester]