09 September 2009

thoughts about the future of our GENSO team

So, the future of GENSO is becoming more and more clear; they (read: ESA Edu) have now selected "a winning proposal" for the future. No names mentioned here, as I feel like they should have a chance to officially announce it themselves first...

The change for us (the team I am in) is that once our current contract ends (end of 2010) we are pretty much "out of the project" since we can not really see a future role involving us and our team (as the "winning proposal" covers our current work too). And I find it hard to believe that we will change focus since whatever we do now is what we know how to do, and also what we like to do.

So now, as time goes by we will at some point start a handover process, going to be really interesting to see how things proceed.

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