29 January 2009

comes a time, when you are...

The previous days have just passed by, don't know where they have gone. All of a sudden it's Thursday evening. And I feel completely brain-dead, as if I need to restart my brain. Or perhaps only sleep a bit more? But what can I do, I can not sleep more. Can not fall asleep earlier and can not sleep longer in the mornings. Stress? Perhaps.

I am so relieved, her surgery went well. My dear additional grandmother should now be ok and soon on her way back home again. Hopefully. My father's upcoming surgery on the other hand - don't ask.

"Comes a time,
when you're driftin'

Comes a time,

when you settle down"

(yep, that's Neil Young)

27 January 2009

The Perishers - Nothing like you and I

"We spent some time
together walking.
Spent some time just talking
about who we were.
You held my hand so
very tightly.
And told me what we
could be dreaming of.

There’s nothing like you and I.

We spent some time
together drinking.
Spent some time just thinking
about days of joy.
As our hearts started
beating faster.
I recalled your laughter
from long ago.

There’s nothing like you and I.

We spent some time
together crying.
Spent some time just trying
to let each other go.
I held your hand so
very tightly.
And told you what I would be
dreaming of.

There’s nothing like you and I.
So why do I even try?
There’s nothing like you and I."

25 January 2009

san vs. early mornings & snow

Couldn't sleep this morning, got up at 7, again. Quite boring since no one else is awake at that time of the day during the weekend. Also quite good since I got some more work done (2nd morning in the row this happens now) before going outside dealing with the first round of snow. By now I probably should need to get my ass out once again to deal with the snow that has fallen the past three hours or so. Question is if I should wait until tonight or even until tomorrow morning? Hmm. 

Sure it's winter, but why all this snow? :)

24 January 2009

san vs. "them"

Why is it so that some people think that just since you study something as theoretical and abstract as some random odd physics, then you know absolutely nothing about anything else in the world? It's as if they think that you never ever set your foot out on the streets, that you never ever face the real world, that you live your own life in some kind of parallel universe and never experience anything else.

Cooome ooooon. Stop this madness, take a more objective look around yourself.

san vs. the world

I ran into a "funny" guy the other day. It was way way icy so I took the bus, which I seldom do. The bus was really crowded, i.e. some random people were to end up standing.

This guy and his pregnant girlfriend, both of them being something like 20-22 years old, get on the bus (bus still hasn't left the main bus station). The guy sits down on the opposite side of the aisle from where I was sitting, thereby taking the last free seat in the bus. Once sitting down he turns to me and says:

"hey my girlfriend is pregnant, why don't you give her your seat?"

This little action made me think "huh?!? wh-what?" and it ended with me saying something in line with:

"get your own ass up and let her take your seat instead"

Jeeez where is this world going? The guy set himself down, leaving his own pregnant girlfriend standing!?! After him saying what he did - no way in hell that I would give her my seat. If he hadn't said it I probably would have offered her my seat, considering her condition and all (especially since I doubt that anyone else sitting nearby would have done so).

22 January 2009

hospital mode?

Have somehow been in some hospital mode again.

My father has been at one hospital for two days again, should be on his way home again now though. Surgery currently scheduled for the 5th, unless it gets changed again. Today they spoke about perhaps moving it again and we are now really starting to ask how much longer he should be waiting!

Another hospital currently "keeps" my additional grandmother. The lovely white-haired lady who happens to be my grandmother's oldest sister and the one who became as a grandmother for me too when my real grandmother unexpectedly died, still being quite young, more than 20 years ago. I hope she will recover soon, and return to her little apartment and celebrate her upcoming 89th birthday :D

The word hospital starts to become a negative word for me...

20 January 2009

"Oh it's such a perfect day,
I'm glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,

you just keep me hanging on,

you just keep me hanging on."

I like this song in some odd way. It is even more odd that I came to think of it today though, since today has not, in general, been a perfect day at all. Perhaps a decent day, but a perfect day...naaaa been a while.

Edit 20 Jan 2009: This song is called "Perfect Day", it can be found on the album Transformer, released in 1972 by Lewis Allan "Lou" Reed.

19 January 2009


I guess I should take up my learning-some-Dutch-project again sometime soonish, perhaps it's time to open that new-for-me book in Dutch from December. A friend of mind also shared a link to some kind of online tutorial (basic grammar & pronunciation) that might be useful (I haven't checked it yet so I have no idea!). Time will tell.

09 January 2009

ticket hunting done

Heading to Vienna again in February. Time for a workshop. Time for catching up with some old friends. Time to get away from Sweden for some days...

06 January 2009

2008 is gone, 2009 has come.

Am I supposed to remember what happened during the previous year? I don't remember much, just remember some parts and then again I have some gaps during some weeks/months. I think I can remember the year of 2008 as a year with changes, leading to something new. I hope.

I remember how 2008 ended at least (always something), I spent most of the time between what other people call Christmas and now in the land of nowhere. Where the streets barely have names. Where street lamps barely exist. Where you can go out on a 2 hours walk and not see another human being. Where you can relax. Where you can do crazy stuff. Where you can do whatever you feel like doing without justification. Where you even can hide from random gossip. Soooooooo good for young crazy "homeless" people like myself!