04 February 2008

stones & memories

Climbing walls, cleaning closets. 

That is what I have been up to for the past days. Today did just vanish, wonder what tomorrow will be like?

Stones = my current desktop picture. 

Can't help it but I love stones and springs - maybe I should have done something else with my life???

Heard this song today - almost scary how a song can bring up memories you thought were forgotten.

1 comment:

Zsolt said...

Nice wallpaper! (Only one? I have 4 workspaces with different wallpapers. :P)
Hoobastank... I also like them. The Reason is an amazing song. (Disappear is my personal favourite.)

I read your blog via RSS. I think we are all in the same (or not exactly the same but similar as I feel) boat... :S
I can't/shouldn't write my feelings into my blog, as you do, 'cause she's reading the blog about who I want to write out my inner things to ease myself.
If this stage will last for a longer period, I'll start a new anonymous blog... :) I don't trust in the access of my weblog and in the private, invisible posts (wordpress engine allows that).