04 February 2008

emails & Eurotrips & hospitals etc

in omnia paratus

Eurotrip? Oooh I want to do another one. Don't know how I will manage though. While I am waiting - one trip to Vienna and another one or two planned for Amsterdam during February and March instead. Got to do something before I die over here.

Did a stop at the hospital today, supposed to check the damn knee again and also my iron levels since they are for sure low now. Kind of got lost at the hospital area too - supposed to be impossible but it can happen if you are not carefully watching where you go! Weee...

Realised that a lot of my old and new friends are currently pregnant - another two told me this today and asked me when I was going to join them for this - my comment regarding this is "children - me? No no, I can barely take care of myself, how would I be able to take care of a child?". Enough said, I guess. Stop asking me these things. You should all know me well enough not to ask this.

I am drowning in emails and spam, got to get my address off from getting all these emails. Soon.

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