23 February 2008

Rammstein - live aus Berlin

Was checking the loads of music files I have scattered on several computers/devices etc over here and stumbled on some live music from Rammstein (recorded in Berlin) that I haven't heard for a while so now it's on :)
I also found some more Winnerbäck that I barely remember that I had, might switch to listening to that in a while.

...and I should really do some more serious packing unless I want to end up doing the packing on Monday morning just before I leave. Been there, done that - not sure I want to repeat it :P

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Åke said...

I love when that kind of thing happens. I had an Mp3-player that used Flash-cards once, my sister left out in the rain one night and after that it didn't work. I didn't have a flash card reader but I kept the flash card since I thought it might still work even if I couldn't read it. When I finally got a multi-memory-card-reader some three years later I was happily surprised to find a selection the music my sister was into three years earlier. I think it was mostly Lacuna Coil...