30 June 2009

Nightly mission: white roses

Had a small nightly mission again. Currently not raining over here so things tend to get dry (sunny days too), so I felt like I had to give some of the plants in the garden some water. Just since I happen to want the lawn to stay green and the white roses to bloom even more! The red roses are...out of question this far :(

So around 00:30 I headed out. Approx. 14°, no wind & daylight (got to love these summer nights) - perfect!
Now I know that the white roses are soooooo going to stay alive for some more days, very nice since each time I open my window (happens a lot) I can scent them. Now, if only the room could become a bit cooler and the traffic outside of the house could vanish for some hours so that I could get some sleep! Why not shut down the road during nights? ;)

Happy. Me and my roses.

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