06 June 2009

6 juni 2009

I am bored. So what can I do on this "National Day of Sweden", which also happens to be a public holiday? "Celebrating" is not an option for me, due to the fact that I don't feel like this day has a special meaning for me. It's just like a random day that someone once declared as being something special. Midsummer means more to me, somehow, it feels more "Swedish" than today does.

Had an overdose of football as I was young, so tonight I am running away from things as Sweden & Denmark play. Perhaps I can find something creative to do instead of watching a game in which grown up men run after a white/black ball on a green field? ;)

Oh, and tomorrow is election day over here. Time for us to vote and continue fighting for our freedom. And yes, I now know what/whom to vote upon.

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