09 September 2008

visit in Luleå 2008

So I made it, I am back in Sundsvall. After two weeks of absence, this city is no longer that bad...Luleå wasn't that bad either.

*big thank you to the ppl who survived having me as a guest these days*

ltu campus - regnbågsallén A well known sight, Regnbågsallén at LTU, don't know how many times we have walked along this one. Several times each day for years...In rain, in sunshine, in snowstorms. Dressed in funny clothes, dressed in fancy clothes, dressed in warm clothes, barely dressed at all...Crazy moments in a student's life...

Babsan in the kitchenOf course, Babsan. Who could forget her? This lovely cute little animal. Miska's "love". So charming. She apparently loves bags too, to climb into them and so on. If the bag is not open so that she can get into it - then she eats her way into them. I haven't really thought that much about having rats/mice as pets before. Perhaps since I love snakes and have had some of those as pets. Snakes eats rats/mice so...hmm.

resistors with LEDIsn't this a lovely sight? A lot of resistors and a red LED. Took this picture over at the xp-el room in the A building. I did end up with spending some time at this place too, how strange. Can not see why...perhaps it's like Irini and I said the other day when we were talking "when you have been studying electronics for some time then you feel attracted to these things :P ". Perhaps...

frej - another sign againSpent an afternoon in the city. Made a visit to one of the four icebreakers that currently resides in Luleå. Really cool thing this heavy large boat. With the help of these, other boats/ships can get through even in winter when the ice is thick. We got to see quite a lot of it (bridge, engine rooms, sauna, dinner room etc) , during our more than 1 hour long tour. Coooooool.

fountain with foam, Porsön, LuleåA fountain with foam. As every year during the welcoming period. Perhaps they should learn the lesson of using yes next time. Yes creates a lot more foam and if you want to make it even more "fun" you can put in some colouring substance so that you get red or green foam (yellow, blue works too). Ehrm, may have been so that we did that some years ago too. A lot of red foam. Everywhere. Ooops. Not that fun to clean up though...

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