20 September 2008

From Archive: "...lose someone at the Flying Pig"

One of these stories I once archived.
From my old very "closed" blog, that is.

This story is also from when me and my Greek sis (Irini) met for the first time.
One December in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

*** *** ***

Can you lose someone at the Flying Pig, Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands?

In fact, you can. Trust me. If you haven't been there, at this particular the Flying Pig (also known as the Crazy Big to some of us) then just let us say that the place is really really small...

But - put in something like 70++ people in that small place and give it a try. Suddenly it is all possible! Also do throw in a Friday party with vodka shots (in plastic cups, not shot glasses), loads of beer & a bottle of Martini. Add a week almost without sleep and there you go.

I had the front door key. Irini had the room key. The other full set of keys were long gone. This with "one room, two sets of keys, three people" is back again!
End of the night, bar closes. People still around, drinking whatever they managed to order before the bar closed. We suddenly decide that it's time to go home, flights are leaving early next morning. I leave for getting my jacket. Irini talks with some people. Then we didn't really manage to find each others again. Ended up with us leaving separately.
Irini without key to the house, she did find some others that could let her in though.
I left with some other people, were still talking to them, being halfway to the hotel, when Irini managed to get hold of me on the phone...

Our situation with the keys made this entire trip to the NL even more interesting. A lot of doors are (surprise!) locked in the middle of the night and people are (surprise!) sleeping...


By some reason, after some more of these evenings, I always get a key of my own when I stay at the Mitchbi.

Mark: sorry for all the nights we had to no other choice than to wake you up in the middle of the night (at 2:30 or so) in order to get back into the hotel...

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