20 September 2008

From Archive: "I think I will take a dead sheep, ..."

One of these stories I once archived.
From my old very "closed" blog, that is.

This "story" has its origin from back when me and my "Greek sis" (Irini) first met over in Noordwijk one lovely December some years ago.

(Irini: remember Ola? The Swedish guy who were also there at this moment. I randomly ran into him today. At IKEA of all places...)

*** *** ***

"Jag tror jag ska ta ett dött får i en barnvagn och gå längs stranden!"

freely translated into

"I think I will take a dead sheep, put it in a perambulator and then walk along the beach with it!"

So what does this really come from...? Well, see below.

It happened one evening that we went for Kwak & spare ribs (or Kwak & mushroom omelet if you don't eat dead animals) at De Wels, i.e. we had what's now formally known as a "Kwak evening".
At this very moment it was 5 Swedes, 1 Greek & 1 Hungarian "attending"...We got our Kwaks. We got our food. We ate. We drank. We talked. We laughed. By the end of the evening, when we were to leave this place some of us were saying that we just had to go back to the hotel in order to finish some stuff for the next day (Irini: don't we all remember that good old EPS TS!?!?!). Anyway, then one of the guys turns to another and asks (of course in Swedish...) something in line with "...and you, are you joining us to the pub for some more beer or are you joining them back to the hotel being boring, working?"

...and the guy replies "Jag tror jag ska ta ett dött får i en barnvagn och gå längs stranden!" and all of us 5 Swedes started laughing as if we were crazy. We just couldn't stop either...Next to us the Greek and the Hungarian were just staring at us as if we were all mad! Once we eventually managed to stop laughing, we were to explain to them what it was we had been laughing at. Right, good luck! Unfortunately, even if you translate it then you can not turn back time and get the same "moment of opportunity" back - hence it didn't really sound that fun anymore...

Crazy times, crazy times...

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