20 September 2008

From Archive: "when me and my Greek sis met..."

One of these stories I once archived.
From my old very "closed" blog, that is.

This story is from when me and my Greek sis (Irini) met for the first time.
One December in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

*** *** ***

Irini: "So when does your flight land? Perhaps we can meet at the airport and go to Noordwijk together?"
Me: "Half past twelve or so."
Irini: "Your time or Dutch time?"
Me: "Dutch time is my time too."
Irini: "Really? Okok, then I'll wait for you guys!"

In fact this conversation took place couple of days before we went there, we did meet at the airport (the Greek and the three Swedish). Managed to get ourselves to Noordwijk aan Zee and the Mitchbi, our home for the week. Found out that Irene and I were to share room during the week. Room number 1 at Nora's. One room. Two sets of keys. Three people. Can you see the problems coming...?
Sunday. Irini and I took the beds next to each others, they were like 10-15 cm apart...On the bathroom list for the next morning were: me, Irini and then Annelie (our roomie).

"Rrrrring" - Monday morning. Irini's phone goes off. She turns it off and then gently hits me couple of times on the arm, saying something like "Weren't you supposed to get up before me? What happened with your alarm?"

So I pick up my phone, puts it back down again and mumbles something like "It's one more hour until we have to get up, let's get back to sleep again!". Irene replied something in line with "Shit, I forgot to change the time on my cellphone! It's still having Greek time!!!"

Time zones...what else can we say? Lovely thing, especially when you kind of forget that you are living in different ones.

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