10 March 2008

rain & future appointments at the hospital

Today has really been a dull day. Took this picture yesterday before it started raining...Rain rain and some more rain, think that is has for sure rained the entire day today. From early morning until now. Today was more like a day in September/October than one in March.

Life slowly moves on. Called the hospital (or more correctly the closest medical center, that happens to be located at the hospital) today, got a series of appointments over there now (approximately one per week for approximately 6-8 weeks). Going to be like a pincushion & feel a bit like crap again for a while, I guess. The positive is that it will, in the end, be good and not bad this time. So I will happily do this now before it gets worse :)

Going to clean up some of the mess before going to bed.

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