05 January 2008

new year - new mistakes?


New year - new life? - new mistakes?

Who knows, let us find out.

...but first, let me "close" the "old" year.

2007 in short:

  • Made a bunch of stupid mistakes (Sweden & NL);
  • Some of my dearest friends killed themselves/died in accidents;
  • Made five trips to the Netherlands;
  • Met a lot of new people, found a few really good friends among them;
  • Spent the summer in Luleå;
  • Moved away from Luleå;
  • Got released from my secretary duties;
  • Joined the evil (?) forces of infra;
  • "restarted" an open relationship;
  • Got addicted to oranges;
...and so on!

Based upon this, what will happen during this year? New mistakes? New places to see? New things to explore? New people to meet? New people to become friends with? New people to ignore? New people to love? New people to hate? More friends to bury?



Zsolt said...

"evil (?) forces of infra"
LOL. "Join the dark side. We have cookies."

"Got addicted to oranges"
Orange and chocolate is a better mixture than coffee on those "have to learn, last chance to pass that damned exam" nights.

"Based upon this, what will happen during this year?"
Nobody knows, but I wish you the best for this year and the following ones and... oops, I think I drank too much wine. :P :)

runerune said...

Happy new year... :)