19 January 2008


What would life be without conflicts? Imagine a world in which all the people dressed in the same way, liked the same kind of music, ate the same food, watched the same kind of movies, drank the same kind of beer, enjoyed the same kind of travels and so on.

A bit boring maybe? Well, I think so. Then I rather take whatever conflicts I end up in. Cleared out one of them yesterday, feels a lot better now. One down, one to go.

...but then again what are all these things compared to what happens over in Kenya? Those people have problems.

Some random stuff...

  • Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze
  • Winnerbäck - Om du lämnar mig nu
  • charcoal drawings
  • black-and-white photograpgy
  • spring water
  • rooibos with ginseng

1 comment:

Åke said...

Personally I try to avoid conflicts, but a resolved conflict is always better than a gnawing irritation.