24 May 2009

_not_ jumping

As I was walking home tonight, sometime around midnight, after a small photo session, I passed over a bridge above E4. As I did, I stopped, taking some photos of the nightly summer sky. Northern summer nights almost without darkness :D

car on nightish road

Anyway, a grey car drives up next to me and stops, the driver opens the window on the passenger side, starting a conversation with me:

"Hey. How are you? Are you ok?" he said.
"Yep, I am just taking some photos." I replied, holding my camera up so that he could see it too.
"Oh, I thought you were doing something else, thought you were planning to jump. The daughter of a co-worker of mine jumped from this bridge couple of years ago, killing herself. Are you sure you are ok?"
"Yep, finishing and going home now." I said, and then he drove off in the other direction again.

Now when I think of it, I have to admit that it's not often you see people crawling on bridges taking photos of the summer sky, especially not around midnight. Suppose that the camera was not visible from inside of that car on some distance either...bah. Guess this guy was just one of these who cares about people in general. It just felt a bit strange, that's it.

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