24 January 2009

san vs. the world

I ran into a "funny" guy the other day. It was way way icy so I took the bus, which I seldom do. The bus was really crowded, i.e. some random people were to end up standing.

This guy and his pregnant girlfriend, both of them being something like 20-22 years old, get on the bus (bus still hasn't left the main bus station). The guy sits down on the opposite side of the aisle from where I was sitting, thereby taking the last free seat in the bus. Once sitting down he turns to me and says:

"hey my girlfriend is pregnant, why don't you give her your seat?"

This little action made me think "huh?!? wh-what?" and it ended with me saying something in line with:

"get your own ass up and let her take your seat instead"

Jeeez where is this world going? The guy set himself down, leaving his own pregnant girlfriend standing!?! After him saying what he did - no way in hell that I would give her my seat. If he hadn't said it I probably would have offered her my seat, considering her condition and all (especially since I doubt that anyone else sitting nearby would have done so).

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