06 January 2009

2008 is gone, 2009 has come.

Am I supposed to remember what happened during the previous year? I don't remember much, just remember some parts and then again I have some gaps during some weeks/months. I think I can remember the year of 2008 as a year with changes, leading to something new. I hope.

I remember how 2008 ended at least (always something), I spent most of the time between what other people call Christmas and now in the land of nowhere. Where the streets barely have names. Where street lamps barely exist. Where you can go out on a 2 hours walk and not see another human being. Where you can relax. Where you can do crazy stuff. Where you can do whatever you feel like doing without justification. Where you even can hide from random gossip. Soooooooo good for young crazy "homeless" people like myself!

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