04 December 2008

to do or not to do

I don't know how this happened but all of a sudden my list of things to do is once again growing. That itself is not that bad if it wasn't for the lack of control.
I guess should need to just sit down and try to organise the mess: remove things that are no longer relevant and add the stuff that is not yet in there. Perhaps change some priorities. Can I schedule time with myself for doing this? I wonder...
(soon it's as back in Luleå when P and I scheduled having dinner since otherwise none of us would have had time to eat some days!)

Talking about which - I do have a photo job on Saturday. Most details are taken care of, what I do need to do though is to look for where I put the legal papers last time, should be able to modify them and use the same approach this time too. Feels like inventing the wheel again if I should start from the beginning with this again.


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