25 November 2008

randomly - 25 November 2008

So what can I possibly come up with today?

It stopped snowing/being stormy outside, after 35 hours or so...Really nice now. It's white and no longer that horrible, a bit slippery though. When I grew up I disliked the snow and the winter in general. Perhaps since it sometimes limited my ability of being outside when I wanted too - when it's -15° & snowing heavily then you do consider to stay inside unless you have to go out. Additionally I think that the fact that my mother doesn't like snow may have somehow "spread" to both me and my sister, social heritage. Weird stuff.
Nowadays I don't mind that much. I still can not say that I love snow and that I jump up and down being happy when it arrives every year but I can cope with it and even sometimes enjoy the feeling of fresh snow between my shoes and the ground I walk upon.

Talking about snow and family. My sister and G arrives to S sometime around the 17 December, that is early, a lot earlier than what they usually do when they spend Christmas in Sweden! :)

Anyway, enough of blah blah now. I should learn to sleep sometime too I guess.

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