26 November 2008

Cosmos, the scientific study

Every now and then you get an envelope with some papers having the phrase "you have been chosen to be part of a scientific study regarding...". Sometimes interesting stuff, sometimes not.

Today I got my new VISA card (replacing the one the ATM claimed to have kept, even though I held it in my hand) and one of these envelopes. So now I am to be part of Cosmos (Swedish link), a study regarding cellphones (and other wireless devices too as it seems) and possible connections between them and different health problems such as cancer, regular headache, problems with sleeping etc.

I usually get quite annoyed by these studies. The people handling them usually send loads of papers and harass you in order to get your replies now-now-now, even if you tell them that you don't wish to be part of their study. Since you do have that option, to say "no thanks, I am not interested in participating".

But every now and then I still feel like I can give a contribution, participating in this Cosmos study is one of them. It concerns relevant technology and the effects from using it. I rather support this type of research than some other research I've been offered to contribute to by answering hundreds of questions!

Life, life...

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