18 March 2009

ehrm...vote in june

If you are a citizen of an EU member state, don't forget to vote on the 7 June. You got...another 81 days to decide what/whom to vote for. If you decide not to vote, then also stop complaining about what that the representatives do.

At the time of the previous election of this type only approximately 38% of the population entitled to vote in Sweden actually voted - this is quite a low number.

One of the "excuses" people used over here for not voting last time was something in line with "I didn't know about the election until it was too late, and then I didn't have time to find some information that could help me to decide how to vote/whom to vote upon". I wonder I wonder what these people did during the months before the election, when media (radio, tv, newspapers, online newspapers etc) was giving this some attention? Did these people simply don't have any contact with the rest of the world during these months? That would be amazing, if so.
I would like to try such life too at some moment! :)


Åke said...

This has completely passed me by...I'll better google it...

San said...

Åkemannen, var google till någon hjälp?