01 October 2008

rain, rain and some more

It's still raining, can't believe it. Been like this for many hours now, for sure 20++ hours. Ok, rainy days come and go but usually it stops at some bloody moment during them. Not today. Been raining all the time, big drops or small drops. Or medium drops if such exist.

search for the treasure!

Remove the lovely rainbow & the flowers and you get a picture of how the sky looked today :(

Stuff that annoy me at the moment:
  • people who try to control my life;
  • people who try to tell me how to live my life;
  • people who are impossible to get hold of;
  • people who are not replying on emails;
  • rain;
  • html code;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • sleepless nights;
  • timetable of train #42;
  • all the pointless tv shows like Top Model, Idol, Stjärnor på is and So you think you can dance - since they make it damn impossible to catch up with people since it seems like EVERYONE except from me LOVE that shit;
  • ...and then all the other things that I am too tired for adding to the list.

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