09 October 2008

importance of...airbags

A small break in the timeout, I guess. What can I say, some people have some kind of higher power or so looking over them. My father is for sure one of those people.

Yesterday he was in a car accident. He could have been dead by now. He went straight off the road, instead of taking a curve, ended up between some birches next to the road. Crashing his car - that car will not be taken back into traffic again, that I can say after seeing it on my way to the hospital. We do not really know what happened, since my father can not remember anything from before when he suddenly were sitting in the car between the birches when the police arrived etc. So someone else thankfully made the call for the police and paramedics, they showed up (apparently quite fast), my father was put in an ambulance and sent to the hospital ASAP. Someone, not the police & co, called my uncle - him and his girlfriend came and picked me up [while I was waiting I made some phonecalls in order to prevent a chain of phonecalls later on - the place where my father lives is like that. If someone can not reach someone else they first drop by over to the house belonging to the one they are looking for and if they still can not reach the ones they are looking for after that, then they start making phonecalls, kind of like "I've been trying to reach xxx, have you seen him/her today?". This can be both annoying (if you just feel like not answering the phone for some hours, if you just want to be ALONE for a day or so) and good sometimes (if something really happens then people notice).] so that we could go all of us, in one car, to the hospital in order to find out more.

First we ended up at the emergency room, after that they sent us over to intensive care, where they then sent us to another floor where we finally found my father in a bed, slightly tired but without severe injuries - no broken bones, no internal injures after what they could see immediately etc. Airbags, airbags - good stuff, really good, what else can I say? So we spent some time with my father and then had a talk with the two doctors and a bunch of nurses, who all of them were to have a closer look at all the tests they took when he arrived, and decided that we should probably talk about things today instead of last night. So hospital later on today, AGAIN.

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