07 August 2008

candle for tibet



Zsolt said...

Hm... I don't agree with this "free Tibet" thing. It would be OK if ppl would say 1st: "yankees and other bastards who burglarize the middle-east and blame everything to Islam since more than a few centuries, leave that area, ask the native's forgiveness and don't go back", but until that, I only can see this as a hype of these "free" neo-hippies. And Tibet is China's internal affair, while Afghanistan, Iraq, the Guantanamo incidents and a lot more things are foreign policies of every western countries. But ppl just don't mention it. Ppl hype for Tibet, because their countries don't like the non-european/american China and they feel it's more important for a few yaks and 10 thousand people to be "free" than for a few hundred million people.

San said...

I am not very happy about the "blah blah blame Islam for everything situation" either. Could even be that perhaps a "free the world" would be the best.

...perhaps I should just start to look for that lonely/lovely island/mountain again and just get myself a life far away from all of this.