18 August 2008

black? red? who knows?

orchidaceae collection Autumn is coming fast! Just hit my mind that it's mid August now and that I am supposed to go to Luleå again in less than one week! Exam is coming soon and studying does not work out well at the moment...bah. Sigh. Before I go to Luleå then I also got to head into the city some day and pick up my bike, just need to figure out where I left it first (and hope that it hasn't been stolen since this weekend).

Was completely soaked when I got back home today - it was, and still is, really really rainy outside. I don't like this very much. I know the physics behind it but I can still barely understand how this much water just can come from some whitegreyish clouds :P

*a physicist thinking about daily stuff*

Right, I am going to change my hair colour again, soon. Not going black this time, going red instead ;)

Going to be one year really really soon :(

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