09 May 2008

wtf - funeral broadcasted live

*boycotting funerals broadcasted live*

Tomorrow is the moment for the funeral to be held AND to be live broadcasted on TV at the same time!

What the H*** is wrong with people when they broadcast a funeral of a private person LIVE on TV?!? I should also continue with "...and what is wrong with the people watching it?!?" - since someone will watch it. How sick isn't that? A bunch of people watching a funeral of a person they did not know, never met, never heard of before she went missing and then was found murdered!

It is NOT the first time someone murders a child. It is NOT the last time it happens either.
Shall this with a live funeral happen each time someone gets killed? Maybe someone should start a "live funeral channel" on tv so that people can watch these things whenever they feel like it?

Would the very same people be as happy if someone requests that the funeral of a homeless man, who also got killed, is broadcasted live on TV? Would they be watching it?

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